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Uni-Cart Liner

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These are not the same old generic repackaged cartridges.

Liner Cartridge needles. Uni-Carts STABILIZER (patented) are the missing link for you as an artist. With it’s unique STABILIZER system in place means that your needle hits the spot each and every time.

Each cartridge is hand crafted and inspected for superior build quality

Each and every needle is inspected by eye to give you the sharpest and strongest needle on the planet.

The work you do with the Stabiliser cartridges will be smoother, bolder, cleaner, crisper & colours will be more saturated.


10# 03RL, 10# 05RL, 10# 07RL, 10# 09RL, 12# 14RL, 12# 18RL, 12# 03RL, 12# 05RL, 12# 07RL, 12# 09RL, 12# 11RL

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