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Because not all products sold for tattooing that are on the market serve the right purpose, we advise only using products that not only serve as a lubricant, but also have other positive effects. The AUA’Fee® PRO was specially developed for precisely this purpose in order to enable better results in the work process.

During the tattooing process, care must be taken to ensure that the pigments are not washed out, excessive bleeding is to be avoided and the escape of clear wound fluid is to be minimized. This is responsible for removing foreign bodies from the fresh wound. Among other things, this is the main goal of a Tattoo During Butter, to have an astringent effect during tattooing in order to prevent excessive bleeding and to protect the skin during the work process.

As an additional ingredient, we have added arnica – as is also common in trauma ointments. This plant, often referred to as wound herb, is said to have an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect and is well-established in tissue regeneration, in the external treatment of blunt injuries such as bruises, contusion and sprains. The aim here is to reduce the damage to skin and tissue that has occurred during the work process in order to enable better healing of the tattoo.

Mental effect of arnica: it heals mental pain and wounds caused by emotional injuries, dissolves emotional hardening and can strengthen the psyche when a person faces great challenges.

The tannins in sage have an astringent effect (tighten the skin and prevent excessive flushing and bleeding). The lavender is said to have an antipruritic effect. Mint is our ”cool as ice powerplant” and contains menthol, which has a cooling effect. Beeswax protects and cares for the skin for hours. Manuka, tea tree but also sage is said to have an antimicrobial effect. Coconut also has a cooling, calming effect. Vitamin E is also used in anti-aging ointments because this vitamin has a cell-regenerating effect. Shea butter provides the skin with a lot of moisture and nutrients. Vegetable oils and fats are also very nutritious.

The AUA’Fee® PRO differs from the AUA’Fee® PREMIUM SKIN CARE in the concentration of the ingredients. These are much more concentrated to get the full effect when tattooing. But beware! It is not suitable for the healing process of a tattoo over several days or weeks!

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